Simona & PennyRoyal Media
Simona Vackova is a dedicated videographer, producer, and editor in southern California. Born in what is now the Czech Republic, she has been living in California since early childhood. Both locales have fostered her talents; she is proud to have worked on projects in Prague as well as throughout California.

Currently, Simona pursues videography, production, and editing projects through PennyRoyal Media, the company she founded in 2008. She has recently had the opportunity to bring her expertise to live music performances, interviews, local cooking shows, and seminars.

Videography that Captivates
Beginning at birth, humans are fascinated by motion. When something moves, we follow it with our eyes. Simona draws on this fascination through her video production: her work compels the viewer to keep watching. This talent enriches commercials, music videos, training videos, short films, and any other project she takes on.

Education and Experiences
Simona first discovered her love of film during three years of hands-on courses in high school. In 2005, she worked as a production assistant on the reality TV show “13 Weeks,” which showcased the lives of six traveling nurses over a span of thirteen weeks.

As a senior at San Diego State University, Simona spent six weeks living in her hometown in the Czech Republic and attending the PCFE Prague Film School.  While there, she collaborated with 12 other international students on multiple short films.In 2009, Simona earned her Bachelor’s degree in Film, Television, and New Media Production. She also received an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for her work on a student television pilot. Hollywood Heights, the thirty-minute production, was produced under a Low Budget Agreement, making Simona’s award even more remarkable.

Put Simona’s talent and expertise to work for you.